API Changes for 3.0.1#

tight_layout.auto_adjust_subplotpars can return None now if the new subplotparams will collapse axes to zero width or height. This prevents tight_layout from being executed. Similarly tight_layout.get_tight_layout_figure will return None.

To improve import (startup) time, private modules are now imported lazily. These modules are no longer available at these locations:

  • matplotlib.backends.backend_agg._png

  • matplotlib.contour._contour

  • matplotlib.image._png

  • matplotlib.mathtext._png

  • matplotlib.testing.compare._png

  • matplotlib.texmanager._png

  • matplotlib.tri.triangulation._tri

  • matplotlib.tri.triangulation._qhull

  • matplotlib.tri.tricontour._tri

  • matplotlib.tri.trifinder._tri