Axes.axvspan(xmin, xmax, ymin=0, ymax=1, **kwargs)[source]

Add a vertical span (rectangle) across the Axes.

The rectangle spans from xmin to xmax horizontally, and, by default, the whole y-axis vertically. The y-span can be set using ymin (default: 0) and ymax (default: 1) which are in axis units; e.g. ymin = 0.5 always refers to the middle of the y-axis regardless of the limits set by set_ylim.


Lower x-coordinate of the span, in data units.


Upper x-coordinate of the span, in data units.

yminfloat, default: 0

Lower y-coordinate of the span, in y-axis units (0-1).

ymaxfloat, default: 1

Upper y-coordinate of the span, in y-axis units (0-1).


Vertical span (rectangle) from (xmin, ymin) to (xmax, ymax).

Other Parameters:
**kwargsPolygon properties
Property Description
agg_filter a filter function, which takes a (m, n, 3) float array and a dpi value, and returns a (m, n, 3) array
alpha scalar or None
animated bool
antialiased or aa unknown
capstyle CapStyle or {'butt', 'projecting', 'round'}
clip_box Bbox
clip_on bool
clip_path Patch or (Path, Transform) or None
color color
contains unknown
edgecolor or ec color or None or 'auto'
facecolor or fc color or None
figure Figure
fill bool
gid str
hatch {'/', '\', '|', '-', '+', 'x', 'o', 'O', '.', '*'}
in_layout bool
joinstyle JoinStyle or {'miter', 'round', 'bevel'}
label object
linestyle or ls {'-', '--', '-.', ':', '', (offset, on-off-seq), ...}
linewidth or lw float or None
path_effects AbstractPathEffect
picker None or bool or float or callable
rasterized bool
sketch_params (scale: float, length: float, randomness: float)
snap bool or None
transform Transform
url str
visible bool
zorder float

See also

Add a horizontal span across the Axes.


Draw a vertical, green, translucent rectangle from x = 1.25 to x = 1.55 that spans the yrange of the Axes.

>>> axvspan(1.25, 1.55, facecolor='g', alpha=0.5)

Examples using matplotlib.axes.Axes.axvspan