Source code for mpl_toolkits.axes_grid1.axes_rgb

import numpy as np

from matplotlib import _api
from .axes_divider import make_axes_locatable, Size
from .mpl_axes import Axes

[docs]@_api.delete_parameter("3.3", "add_all") def make_rgb_axes(ax, pad=0.01, axes_class=None, add_all=True, **kwargs): """ Parameters ---------- pad : float Fraction of the axes height. """ divider = make_axes_locatable(ax) pad_size = pad * Size.AxesY(ax) xsize = ((1-2*pad)/3) * Size.AxesX(ax) ysize = ((1-2*pad)/3) * Size.AxesY(ax) divider.set_horizontal([Size.AxesX(ax), pad_size, xsize]) divider.set_vertical([ysize, pad_size, ysize, pad_size, ysize]) ax.set_axes_locator(divider.new_locator(0, 0, ny1=-1)) ax_rgb = [] if axes_class is None: try: axes_class = ax._axes_class except AttributeError: axes_class = type(ax) for ny in [4, 2, 0]: ax1 = axes_class(ax.get_figure(), ax.get_position(original=True), sharex=ax, sharey=ax, **kwargs) locator = divider.new_locator(nx=2, ny=ny) ax1.set_axes_locator(locator) for t in ax1.yaxis.get_ticklabels() + ax1.xaxis.get_ticklabels(): t.set_visible(False) try: for axis in ax1.axis.values(): axis.major_ticklabels.set_visible(False) except AttributeError: pass ax_rgb.append(ax1) if add_all: fig = ax.get_figure() for ax1 in ax_rgb: fig.add_axes(ax1) return ax_rgb
[docs]@_api.deprecated("3.3", alternative="ax.imshow(np.dstack([r, g, b]))") def imshow_rgb(ax, r, g, b, **kwargs): return ax.imshow(np.dstack([r, g, b]), **kwargs)
[docs]class RGBAxes: """ 4-panel imshow (RGB, R, G, B). Layout: +---------------+-----+ | | R | + +-----+ | RGB | G | + +-----+ | | B | +---------------+-----+ Subclasses can override the ``_defaultAxesClass`` attribute. Attributes ---------- RGB : ``_defaultAxesClass`` The axes object for the three-channel imshow. R : ``_defaultAxesClass`` The axes object for the red channel imshow. G : ``_defaultAxesClass`` The axes object for the green channel imshow. B : ``_defaultAxesClass`` The axes object for the blue channel imshow. """ _defaultAxesClass = Axes
[docs] @_api.delete_parameter("3.3", "add_all") def __init__(self, *args, pad=0, add_all=True, **kwargs): """ Parameters ---------- pad : float, default: 0 fraction of the axes height to put as padding. add_all : bool, default: True Whether to add the {rgb, r, g, b} axes to the figure. This parameter is deprecated. axes_class : matplotlib.axes.Axes *args Unpacked into axes_class() init for RGB **kwargs Unpacked into axes_class() init for RGB, R, G, B axes """ axes_class = kwargs.pop("axes_class", self._defaultAxesClass) self.RGB = ax = axes_class(*args, **kwargs) if add_all: ax.get_figure().add_axes(ax) else: kwargs["add_all"] = add_all # only show deprecation in that case self.R, self.G, self.B = make_rgb_axes( ax, pad=pad, axes_class=axes_class, **kwargs) # Set the line color and ticks for the axes. for ax1 in [self.RGB, self.R, self.G, self.B]: ax1.axis[:].line.set_color("w") ax1.axis[:].major_ticks.set_markeredgecolor("w")
[docs] @_api.deprecated("3.3") def add_RGB_to_figure(self): """Add red, green and blue axes to the RGB composite's axes figure.""" self.RGB.get_figure().add_axes(self.R) self.RGB.get_figure().add_axes(self.G) self.RGB.get_figure().add_axes(self.B)
[docs] def imshow_rgb(self, r, g, b, **kwargs): """ Create the four images {rgb, r, g, b}. Parameters ---------- r, g, b : array-like The red, green, and blue arrays. kwargs : imshow kwargs kwargs get unpacked into the imshow calls for the four images. Returns ------- rgb : matplotlib.image.AxesImage r : matplotlib.image.AxesImage g : matplotlib.image.AxesImage b : matplotlib.image.AxesImage """ if not (r.shape == g.shape == b.shape): raise ValueError( f'Input shapes ({r.shape}, {g.shape}, {b.shape}) do not match') RGB = np.dstack([r, g, b]) R = np.zeros_like(RGB) R[:, :, 0] = r G = np.zeros_like(RGB) G[:, :, 1] = g B = np.zeros_like(RGB) B[:, :, 2] = b im_rgb = self.RGB.imshow(RGB, **kwargs) im_r = self.R.imshow(R, **kwargs) im_g = self.G.imshow(G, **kwargs) im_b = self.B.imshow(B, **kwargs) return im_rgb, im_r, im_g, im_b
[docs]@_api.deprecated("3.3", alternative="RGBAxes") class RGBAxesBase(RGBAxes): pass