Interactive figures in the IPython notebook

class matplotlib.backends.backend_nbagg.CommSocket(manager)[source]

Bases: object

Manages the Comm connection between IPython and the browser (client).

Comms are 2 way, with the CommSocket being able to publish a message via the send_json method, and handle a message with on_message. On the JS side figure.send_message and do the sending and receiving respectively.

on_message(self, message)[source]
send_binary(self, blob)[source]
send_json(self, content)[source]

alias of matplotlib.backends.backend_nbagg.FigureCanvasNbAgg

class matplotlib.backends.backend_nbagg.FigureCanvasNbAgg(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: matplotlib.backends.backend_webagg_core.FigureCanvasWebAggCore


alias of matplotlib.backends.backend_nbagg.FigureManagerNbAgg

class matplotlib.backends.backend_nbagg.FigureManagerNbAgg(canvas, num)[source]

Bases: matplotlib.backends.backend_webagg_core.FigureManagerWebAgg


alias of NavigationIPy


Clear up any closed Comms.

property connected
classmethod get_javascript(stream=None)[source]
remove_comm(self, comm_id)[source]

A special method to re-show the figure in the notebook.


For GUI backends, show the figure window and redraw. For non-GUI backends, raise an exception, unless running headless (i.e. on Linux with an unset DISPLAY); this exception is converted to a warning in

class matplotlib.backends.backend_nbagg.NavigationIPy(canvas)[source]

Bases: matplotlib.backends.backend_webagg_core.NavigationToolbar2WebAgg

toolitems = [('Home', 'Reset original view', 'fa fa-home icon-home', 'home'), ('Back', 'Back to previous view', 'fa fa-arrow-left icon-arrow-left', 'back'), ('Forward', 'Forward to next view', 'fa fa-arrow-right icon-arrow-right', 'forward'), (None, None, None, None), ('Pan', 'Left button pans, Right button zooms\nx/y fixes axis, CTRL fixes aspect', 'fa fa-arrows icon-move', 'pan'), ('Zoom', 'Zoom to rectangle\nx/y fixes axis, CTRL fixes aspect', 'fa fa-square-o icon-check-empty', 'zoom'), (None, None, None, None), ('Download', 'Download plot', 'fa fa-floppy-o icon-save', 'download')]

Return a string showing the figure and connection status for the backend.

This is intended as a diagnostic tool, and not for general use.

matplotlib.backends.backend_nbagg.new_figure_manager_given_figure(num, figure)

Create a new figure manager instance for the given figure.

Show all figures.

show blocks by calling mainloop if block is True, or if it is None and we are neither in IPython's %pylab mode, nor in interactive mode.