Tool ManagerΒΆ

This example demonstrates how to:

  • Modify the Toolbar
  • Create tools
  • Add tools
  • Remove tools

Using matplotlib.backend_managers.ToolManager

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
plt.rcParams['toolbar'] = 'toolmanager'
from matplotlib.backend_tools import ToolBase, ToolToggleBase

class ListTools(ToolBase):
    """List all the tools controlled by the `ToolManager`."""
    # keyboard shortcut
    default_keymap = 'm'
    description = 'List Tools'

    def trigger(self, *args, **kwargs):
        print('_' * 80)
        print("{0:12} {1:45} {2}".format(
            'Name (id)', 'Tool description', 'Keymap'))
        print('-' * 80)
        tools =
        for name in sorted(tools):
            if not tools[name].description:
            keys = ', '.join(sorted(self.toolmanager.get_tool_keymap(name)))
            print("{0:12} {1:45} {2}".format(
                name, tools[name].description, keys))
        print('_' * 80)
        print("Active Toggle tools")
        print("{0:12} {1:45}".format("Group", "Active"))
        print('-' * 80)
        for group, active in self.toolmanager.active_toggle.items():
            print("{0:12} {1:45}".format(str(group), str(active)))

class GroupHideTool(ToolToggleBase):
    """Show lines with a given gid."""
    default_keymap = 'G'
    description = 'Show by gid'
    default_toggled = True

    def __init__(self, *args, gid, **kwargs):
        self.gid = gid
        super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)

    def enable(self, *args):

    def disable(self, *args):

    def set_lines_visibility(self, state):
        for ax in self.figure.get_axes():
            for line in ax.get_lines():
                if line.get_gid() == self.gid:

fig = plt.figure()
plt.plot([1, 2, 3], gid='mygroup')
plt.plot([2, 3, 4], gid='unknown')
plt.plot([3, 2, 1], gid='mygroup')

# Add the custom tools that we created
fig.canvas.manager.toolmanager.add_tool('List', ListTools)
fig.canvas.manager.toolmanager.add_tool('Show', GroupHideTool, gid='mygroup')

# Add an existing tool to new group `foo`.
# It can be added as many times as we want
fig.canvas.manager.toolbar.add_tool('zoom', 'foo')

# Remove the forward button

# To add a custom tool to the toolbar at specific location inside
# the navigation group
fig.canvas.manager.toolbar.add_tool('Show', 'navigation', 1)

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