matplotlib.pyplot.text(x, y, s, fontdict=None, **kwargs)[source]

Add text to the axes.

Add the text s to the axes at location x, y in data coordinates.

x, yfloat

The position to place the text. By default, this is in data coordinates. The coordinate system can be changed using the transform parameter.


The text.

fontdictdict, default: None

A dictionary to override the default text properties. If fontdict is None, the defaults are determined by rcParams.


The created Text instance.

Other Parameters:
**kwargsText properties.

Other miscellaneous text parameters.

Property Description
agg_filter a filter function, which takes a (m, n, 3) float array and a dpi value, and returns a (m, n, 3) array
alpha float or None
animated bool
backgroundcolor color
bbox dict with properties for patches.FancyBboxPatch
clip_box Bbox
clip_on bool
clip_path Patch or (Path, Transform) or None
color or c color
contains unknown
figure Figure
fontfamily or family {FONTNAME, 'serif', 'sans-serif', 'cursive', 'fantasy', 'monospace'}
fontproperties or font or font_properties font_manager.FontProperties or str or pathlib.Path
fontsize or size float or {'xx-small', 'x-small', 'small', 'medium', 'large', 'x-large', 'xx-large'}
fontstretch or stretch {a numeric value in range 0-1000, 'ultra-condensed', 'extra-condensed', 'condensed', 'semi-condensed', 'normal', 'semi-expanded', 'expanded', 'extra-expanded', 'ultra-expanded'}
fontstyle or style {'normal', 'italic', 'oblique'}
fontvariant or variant {'normal', 'small-caps'}
fontweight or weight {a numeric value in range 0-1000, 'ultralight', 'light', 'normal', 'regular', 'book', 'medium', 'roman', 'semibold', 'demibold', 'demi', 'bold', 'heavy', 'extra bold', 'black'}
gid str
horizontalalignment or ha {'center', 'right', 'left'}
in_layout bool
label object
linespacing float (multiple of font size)
multialignment or ma {'left', 'right', 'center'}
path_effects AbstractPathEffect
picker None or bool or callable
position (float, float)
rasterized bool or None
rotation float or {'vertical', 'horizontal'}
rotation_mode {None, 'default', 'anchor'}
sketch_params (scale: float, length: float, randomness: float)
snap bool or None
text object
transform Transform
url str
usetex bool or None
verticalalignment or va {'center', 'top', 'bottom', 'baseline', 'center_baseline'}
visible bool
wrap bool
x float
y float
zorder float


Individual keyword arguments can be used to override any given parameter:

>>> text(x, y, s, fontsize=12)

The default transform specifies that text is in data coords, alternatively, you can specify text in axis coords ((0, 0) is lower-left and (1, 1) is upper-right). The example below places text in the center of the axes:

>>> text(0.5, 0.5, 'matplotlib', horizontalalignment='center',
...      verticalalignment='center', transform=ax.transAxes)

You can put a rectangular box around the text instance (e.g., to set a background color) by using the keyword bbox. bbox is a dictionary of Rectangle properties. For example:

>>> text(x, y, s, bbox=dict(facecolor='red', alpha=0.5))