Axes.set_adjustable(self, adjustable, share=False)

Set how the Axes adjusts to achieve the required aspect ratio.

adjustable{'box', 'datalim'}

If 'box', change the physical dimensions of the Axes. If 'datalim', change the x or y data limits.

sharebool, default: False

If True, apply the settings to all shared Axes.

See also

For a description of aspect handling.


Shared Axes (of which twinned Axes are a special case) impose restrictions on how aspect ratios can be imposed. For twinned Axes, use 'datalim'. For Axes that share both x and y, use 'box'. Otherwise, either 'datalim' or 'box' may be used. These limitations are partly a requirement to avoid over-specification, and partly a result of the particular implementation we are currently using, in which the adjustments for aspect ratios are done sequentially and independently on each Axes as it is drawn.

Examples using matplotlib.axes.Axes.set_adjustable