class matplotlib.quiver.QuiverKey(Q, X, Y, U, label, *, angle=0, coordinates='axes', color=None, labelsep=0.1, labelpos='N', labelcolor=None, fontproperties=None, **kw)[source]

Bases: matplotlib.artist.Artist

Labelled arrow for use as a quiver plot scale key.

Add a key to a quiver plot.

The positioning of the key depends on X, Y, coordinates, and labelpos. If labelpos is 'N' or 'S', X, Y give the position of the middle of the key arrow. If labelpos is 'E', X, Y positions the head, and if labelpos is 'W', X, Y positions the tail; in either of these two cases, X, Y is somewhere in the middle of the arrow+label key object.


A Quiver object as returned by a call to quiver().

X, Yfloat

The location of the key.


The length of the key.


The key label (e.g., length and units of the key).

anglefloat, default: 0

The angle of the key arrow, in degrees anti-clockwise from the x-axis.

coordinates{'axes', 'figure', 'data', 'inches'}, default: 'axes'

Coordinate system and units for X, Y: 'axes' and 'figure' are normalized coordinate systems with (0, 0) in the lower left and (1, 1) in the upper right; 'data' are the axes data coordinates (used for the locations of the vectors in the quiver plot itself); 'inches' is position in the figure in inches, with (0, 0) at the lower left corner.


Overrides face and edge colors from Q.

labelpos{'N', 'S', 'E', 'W'}

Position the label above, below, to the right, to the left of the arrow, respectively.

labelsepfloat, default: 0.1

Distance in inches between the arrow and the label.

labelcolorcolor, default: rcParams["text.color"] (default: 'black')

Label color.

fontpropertiesdict, optional

A dictionary with keyword arguments accepted by the FontProperties initializer: family, style, variant, size, weight.


Any additional keyword arguments are used to override vector properties taken from Q.

contains(self, mouseevent)[source]

Test whether the artist contains the mouse event.


Whether any values are within the radius.


An artist-specific dictionary of details of the event context, such as which points are contained in the pick radius. See the individual Artist subclasses for details.

See also

set_contains, get_contains
draw(self, renderer)[source]

Draw the Artist using the given renderer.

This method will be overridden in the Artist subclasses. Typically, it is implemented to not have any effect if the Artist is not visible (Artist.get_visible is False).

rendererRendererBase subclass.
halign = {'E': 'left', 'N': 'center', 'S': 'center', 'W': 'right'}
pivot = {'E': 'tip', 'N': 'middle', 'S': 'middle', 'W': 'tail'}
property quiverkey_doc

Overload the remove method

set_figure(self, fig)[source]

Set the Figure instance the artist belongs to.

valign = {'E': 'center', 'N': 'bottom', 'S': 'top', 'W': 'center'}

Examples using matplotlib.quiver.QuiverKey