Changes for 0.40ΒΆ

- Artist
    * __init__ takes a DPI instance and a Bound2D instance which is
      the bounding box of the artist in display coords
    * get_window_extent returns a Bound2D instance
    * set_size is removed; replaced by bbox and dpi
    * the clip_gc method is removed.  Artists now clip themselves with
      their box
    * added _clipOn boolean attribute.  If True, gc clip to bbox.

- AxisTextBase
    * Initialized with a transx, transy which are Transform instances
    * set_drawing_area removed
    * get_left_right and get_top_bottom are replaced by get_window_extent

- Line2D Patches now take transx, transy
    * Initialized with a transx, transy which are Transform instances

- Patches
   * Initialized with a transx, transy which are Transform instances

- FigureBase attributes dpi is a DPI instance rather than scalar and
  new attribute bbox is a Bound2D in display coords, and I got rid
  of the left, width, height, etc... attributes.  These are now
  accessible as, for example, bbox.x.min is left, bbox.x.interval()
  is width, bbox.y.max is top, etc...

- GcfBase attribute pagesize renamed to figsize

- Axes
    * removed figbg attribute
    * added fig instance to __init__
    * resizing is handled by figure call to resize.

- Subplot
    * added fig instance to __init__

- Renderer methods for patches now take gcEdge and gcFace instances.
  gcFace=None takes the place of filled=False

- True and False symbols provided by cbook in a python2.3 compatible

- new module transforms supplies Bound1D, Bound2D and Transform
  instances and more

- Changes to the MATLAB helpers API

  * _matlab_helpers.GcfBase is renamed by Gcf.  Backends no longer
    need to derive from this class.  Instead, they provide a factory
    function new_figure_manager(num, figsize, dpi).  The destroy
    method of the GcfDerived from the backends is moved to the derived

  * FigureManagerBase moved to backend_bases

  * Gcf.get_all_figwins renamed to Gcf.get_all_fig_managers


  Make sure to self._reset = False in AxisTextWX._set_font.  This was
  something missing in my backend code.