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Axes.matshow(self, Z, **kwargs)[source]

Plot the values of a 2D matrix or array as color-coded image.

The matrix will be shown the way it would be printed, with the first row at the top. Row and column numbering is zero-based.

Z : array-like(M, N)

The matrix to be displayed.

image : AxesImage
Other Parameters:
**kwargs : imshow arguments

See also

More general function to plot data on a 2D regular raster.


This is just a convenience function wrapping imshow to set useful defaults for a displaying a matrix. In particular:

  • Set origin='upper'.
  • Set interpolation='nearest'.
  • Set aspect='equal'.
  • Ticks are placed to the left and above.
  • Ticks are formatted to show integer indices.

Examples using matplotlib.axes.Axes.matshow