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gridspec contains classes that help to layout multiple Axes in a grid-like pattern within a figure.

The GridSpec specifies the overall grid structure. Individual cells within the grid are referenced by SubplotSpecs.

See the tutorial Customizing Figure Layouts Using GridSpec and Other Functions for a comprehensive usage guide.


GridSpec(nrows, ncols[, figure, left, ...]) Specifies the geometry of the grid that a subplot can be placed in.
SubplotSpec(gridspec, num1[, num2]) Specifies the location of a subplot in a GridSpec.
GridSpecBase(nrows, ncols[, height_ratios, ...]) A base class of GridSpec that specifies the geometry of the grid that a subplot will be placed.
GridSpecFromSubplotSpec(nrows, ncols, ...[, ...]) GridSpec whose subplot layout parameters are inherited from the location specified by a given SubplotSpec.