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matplotlib.pyplot.connect(s, func)[source]

Connect event with string s to func. The signature of func is:

def func(event)

where event is a matplotlib.backend_bases.Event. The following events are recognized

  • 'button_press_event'
  • 'button_release_event'
  • 'draw_event'
  • 'key_press_event'
  • 'key_release_event'
  • 'motion_notify_event'
  • 'pick_event'
  • 'resize_event'
  • 'scroll_event'
  • 'figure_enter_event',
  • 'figure_leave_event',
  • 'axes_enter_event',
  • 'axes_leave_event'
  • 'close_event'

For the location events (button and key press/release), if the mouse is over the axes, the variable event.inaxes will be set to the Axes the event occurs is over, and additionally, the variables event.xdata and event.ydata will be defined. This is the mouse location in data coords. See KeyEvent and MouseEvent for more info.

Return value is a connection id that can be used with mpl_disconnect().



def on_press(event):
    print('you pressed', event.button, event.xdata, event.ydata)

cid = canvas.mpl_connect('button_press_event', on_press)

Examples using matplotlib.pyplot.connect