Version 3.1.2
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Source code for matplotlib.projections

from .. import axes, cbook
from .geo import AitoffAxes, HammerAxes, LambertAxes, MollweideAxes
from .polar import PolarAxes

[docs]class ProjectionRegistry: """ Manages the set of projections available to the system. """ def __init__(self): self._all_projection_types = {}
[docs] def register(self, *projections): """ Register a new set of projections. """ for projection in projections: name = self._all_projection_types[name] = projection
[docs] def get_projection_class(self, name): """ Get a projection class from its *name*. """ return self._all_projection_types[name]
[docs] def get_projection_names(self): """ Get a list of the names of all projections currently registered. """ return sorted(self._all_projection_types)
projection_registry = ProjectionRegistry() projection_registry.register( axes.Axes, PolarAxes, AitoffAxes, HammerAxes, LambertAxes, MollweideAxes)
[docs]def register_projection(cls): projection_registry.register(cls)
[docs]def get_projection_class(projection=None): """ Get a projection class from its name. If *projection* is None, a standard rectilinear projection is returned. """ if projection is None: projection = 'rectilinear' try: return projection_registry.get_projection_class(projection) except KeyError: raise ValueError("Unknown projection %r" % projection)
[docs]@cbook.deprecated("3.1") def process_projection_requirements(figure, *args, **kwargs): return figure._process_projection_requirements(*args, **kwargs)
[docs]def get_projection_names(): """ Get a list of acceptable projection names. """ return projection_registry.get_projection_names()