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Source code for matplotlib.container

import matplotlib.cbook as cbook
import matplotlib.artist as martist

[docs]class Container(tuple): """ Base class for containers. Containers are classes that collect semantically related Artists such as the bars of a bar plot. """ def __repr__(self): return ("<{} object of {} artists>" .format(type(self).__name__, len(self))) def __new__(cls, *args, **kwargs): return tuple.__new__(cls, args[0]) def __init__(self, kl, label=None): self.eventson = False # fire events only if eventson self._oid = 0 # an observer id self._propobservers = {} # a dict from oids to funcs self._remove_method = None self.set_label(label)
[docs] @cbook.deprecated("3.0") def set_remove_method(self, f): self._remove_method = f
[docs] def remove(self): for c in cbook.flatten( self, scalarp=lambda x: isinstance(x, martist.Artist)): if c is not None: c.remove() if self._remove_method: self._remove_method(self)
[docs] def get_label(self): """ Get the label used for this artist in the legend. """ return self._label
[docs] def set_label(self, s): """ Set the label to *s* for auto legend. Parameters ---------- s : object Any object other than None gets converted to its `str`. """ if s is not None: self._label = str(s) else: self._label = None self.pchanged()
[docs] def add_callback(self, func): """ Adds a callback function that will be called whenever one of the :class:`Artist`'s properties changes. Returns an *id* that is useful for removing the callback with :meth:`remove_callback` later. """ oid = self._oid self._propobservers[oid] = func self._oid += 1 return oid
[docs] def remove_callback(self, oid): """ Remove a callback based on its *id*. .. seealso:: :meth:`add_callback` For adding callbacks """ try: del self._propobservers[oid] except KeyError: pass
[docs] def pchanged(self): """ Fire an event when property changed, calling all of the registered callbacks. """ for oid, func in list(self._propobservers.items()): func(self)
[docs] def get_children(self): return [child for child in cbook.flatten(self) if child is not None]
[docs]class BarContainer(Container): """ Container for the artists of bar plots (e.g. created by ``). The container can be treated as a tuple of the *patches* themselves. Additionally, you can access these and further parameters by the attributes. Attributes ---------- patches : list of :class:`~matplotlib.patches.Rectangle` The artists of the bars. errorbar : None or :class:`~matplotlib.container.ErrorbarContainer` A container for the error bar artists if error bars are present. *None* otherwise. """ def __init__(self, patches, errorbar=None, **kwargs): self.patches = patches self.errorbar = errorbar Container.__init__(self, patches, **kwargs)
[docs]class ErrorbarContainer(Container): """ Container for the artists of error bars (e.g. created by `.Axes.errorbar`). The container can be treated as the *lines* tuple itself. Additionally, you can access these and further parameters by the attributes. Attributes ---------- lines : tuple Tuple of ``(data_line, caplines, barlinecols)``. - data_line : :class:`~matplotlib.lines.Line2D` instance of x, y plot markers and/or line. - caplines : tuple of :class:`~matplotlib.lines.Line2D` instances of the error bar caps. - barlinecols : list of :class:`~matplotlib.collections.LineCollection` with the horizontal and vertical error ranges. has_xerr, has_yerr : bool ``True`` if the errorbar has x/y errors. """ def __init__(self, lines, has_xerr=False, has_yerr=False, **kwargs): self.lines = lines self.has_xerr = has_xerr self.has_yerr = has_yerr Container.__init__(self, lines, **kwargs)
[docs]class StemContainer(Container): """ Container for the artists created in a :meth:`.Axes.stem` plot. The container can be treated like a namedtuple ``(markerline, stemlines, baseline)``. Attributes ---------- markerline : :class:`~matplotlib.lines.Line2D` The artist of the markers at the stem heads. stemlines : list of :class:`~matplotlib.lines.Line2D` The artists of the vertical lines for all stems. baseline : :class:`~matplotlib.lines.Line2D` The artist of the horizontal baseline. """ def __init__(self, markerline_stemlines_baseline, **kwargs): """ Parameters ---------- markerline_stemlines_baseline : tuple Tuple of ``(markerline, stemlines, baseline)``. ``markerline`` contains the `LineCollection` of the markers, ``stemlines`` is a `LineCollection` of the main lines, ``baseline`` is the `Line2D` of the baseline. """ markerline, stemlines, baseline = markerline_stemlines_baseline self.markerline = markerline self.stemlines = stemlines self.baseline = baseline Container.__init__(self, markerline_stemlines_baseline, **kwargs)