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Version 3.1.0
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class mpl_toolkits.mplot3d.axis3d.Axis(adir, v_intervalx, d_intervalx, axes, *args, rotate_label=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: matplotlib.axis.XAxis

An Axis class for the 3D plots.

draw(self, renderer)[source]

Draw the axis lines, grid lines, tick lines and labels

draw_pane(self, renderer)[source]
get_major_ticks(self, numticks=None)[source]

Get the tick instances; grow as necessary.

get_rotate_label(self, text)[source]



Deprecated since version 3.1:

get_tightbbox(self, renderer)[source]

Return a bounding box that encloses the axis. It only accounts tick labels, axis label, and offsetText.


Return the Interval instance for this axis view limits.

set_pane_color(self, color)[source]

Set pane color to a RGBA tuple.

set_pane_pos(self, xys)[source]
set_rotate_label(self, val)[source]

Whether to rotate the axis label: True, False or None. If set to None the label will be rotated if longer than 4 chars.

set_view_interval(self, vmin, vmax, ignore=False)[source]

Set the axis view limits. This method is for internal use; Matplotlib users should typically use e.g. set_xlim and set_ylim.

If ignore is False (the default), this method will never reduce the preexisting view limits, only expand them if vmin or vmax are not within them. Moreover, the order of vmin and vmax does not matter; the orientation of the axis will not change.

If ignore is True, the view limits will be set exactly to (vmin, vmax) in that order.