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Version 3.0.0
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Axes.set_adjustable(adjustable, share=False)

Define which parameter the Axes will change to achieve a given aspect.

adjustable : {'box', 'datalim'}

If 'box', change the physical dimensions of the Axes. If 'datalim', change the x or y data limits.

share : bool, optional

If True, apply the settings to all shared Axes. Default is False.

See also

for a description of aspect handling.


Shared Axes (of which twinned Axes are a special case) impose restrictions on how aspect ratios can be imposed. For twinned Axes, use 'datalim'. For Axes that share both x and y, use 'box'. Otherwise, either 'datalim' or 'box' may be used. These limitations are partly a requirement to avoid over-specification, and partly a result of the particular implementation we are currently using, in which the adjustments for aspect ratios are done sequentially and independently on each Axes as it is drawn.