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Version 2.2.5
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class mpl_toolkits.axisartist.axis_artist.TickLabels(**kwargs)[source]

Tick Labels. While derived from Text, this single artist draws all ticklabels. As in AxisLabel, the position of the text is updated in the fly, so changing text position has no effect. Otherwise, the properties can be changed as a normal Text. Unlike the ticklabels of the mainline matplotlib, properties of single ticklabel alone cannot modified.

To change the pad between ticks and ticklabels, use set_pad.


Draws the Text object to the given renderer.


return a list of width, height, descent for ticklabels.


Adjust the text angle and text alignment of ticklabels according to the matplotlib convention.

The label_direction must be one of [left, right, bottom, top].

property left bottom right top
ticklabels angle 90 0 -90 180
ticklabel va center baseline center baseline
ticklabel ha right center right center

Note that the text angles are actually relative to (90 + angle of the direction to the ticklabel), which gives 0 for bottom axis.