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Version 2.2.5
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class mpl_toolkits.axisartist.axis_artist.AxisArtist(axes, helper, offset=None, axis_direction='bottom', **kw)[source]

An artist which draws axis (a line along which the n-th axes coord is constant) line, ticks, ticklabels, and axis label.

axes : axes helper : an AxisArtistHelper instance.

ZORDER = 2.5

Draw the axis lines, tick lines and labels


return the current axisline style.


Return axis artist helper instance.


Return the Transform instance used by this artist.


Adjust the direction, text angle, text alignment of ticklabels, labels following the matplotlib convention for the rectangle axes.

The axis_direction must be one of [left, right, bottom, top].

property left bottom right top
ticklabels location "-" "+" "+" "-"
axislabel location "-" "+" "+" "-"
ticklabels angle 90 0 -90 180
ticklabel va center baseline center baseline
ticklabel ha right center right center
axislabel angle 180 0 0 180
axislabel va center top center bottom
axislabel ha right center right center

Note that the direction "+" and "-" are relative to the direction of the increasing coordinate. Also, the text angles are actually relative to (90 + angle of the direction to the ticklabel), which gives 0 for bottom axis.


Adjust the direction of the axislabel.

ACCEPTS: [ "+" | "-" ]

Note that the label_direction '+' and '-' are relative to the direction of the increasing coordinate.

set_axisline_style(axisline_style=None, **kw)[source]

Set the axisline style.

axisline_style can be a string with axisline style name with optional

comma-separated attributes. Alternatively, the attrs can be provided as keywords.

set_arrowstyle("->,size=1.5") set_arrowstyle("->", size=1.5)

Old attrs simply are forgotten.

Without argument (or with arrowstyle=None), return available styles as a list of strings.


Set the label to s for auto legend.

s : object

s will be converted to a string by calling str (unicode on Py2).


Adjust the direction of the ticklabel.

ACCEPTS: [ "+" | "-" ]

Note that the label_direction '+' and '-' are relative to the direction of the increasing coordinate.

toggle(all=None, ticks=None, ticklabels=None, label=None)[source]

Toggle visibility of ticks, ticklabels, and (axis) label. To turn all off,


To turn all off but ticks on

axis.toggle(all=False, ticks=True)

To turn all on but (axis) label off

axis.toggle(all=True, label=False))