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Version 2.2.5
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class mpl_toolkits.axisartist.axes_grid.ImageGrid(fig, rect, nrows_ncols, ngrids=None, direction='row', axes_pad=0.02, add_all=True, share_all=False, aspect=True, label_mode='L', cbar_mode=None, cbar_location='right', cbar_pad=None, cbar_size='5%', cbar_set_cax=True, axes_class=None)[source]

Build an ImageGrid instance with a grid nrows*ncols Axes in Figure fig with rect=[left, bottom, width, height] (in Figure coordinates) or the subplot position code (e.g., "121").

Optional keyword arguments:

Keyword Default Description
direction "row" [ "row" | "column" ]
axes_pad 0.02 float| pad between axes given in inches or tuple-like of floats, (horizontal padding, vertical padding)
add_all True bool
share_all False bool
aspect True bool
label_mode "L" [ "L" | "1" | "all" ]
cbar_mode None [ "each" | "single" | "edge" ]
cbar_location "right" [ "left" | "right" | "bottom" | "top" ]
cbar_pad None  
cbar_size "5%"  
cbar_set_cax True bool
axes_class None a type object which must be a subclass of axes_grid's subclass of Axes
cbar_set_cax : if True, each axes in the grid has a cax
attribute that is bind to associated cbar_axes.