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Deprecated since version 2.1: The colors function was deprecated in version 2.1.

This is a do-nothing function to provide you with help on how matplotlib handles colors.

Commands which take color arguments can use several formats to specify the colors. For the basic built-in colors, you can use a single letter

Alias Color
'b' blue
'g' green
'r' red
'c' cyan
'm' magenta
'y' yellow
'k' black
'w' white

For a greater range of colors, you have two options. You can specify the color using an html hex string, as in:

color = '#eeefff'

or you can pass an R,G,B tuple, where each of R,G,B are in the range [0,1].

You can also use any legal html name for a color, for example:

color = 'red'
color = 'burlywood'
color = 'chartreuse'

The example below creates a subplot with a dark slate gray background:

subplot(111, facecolor=(0.1843, 0.3098, 0.3098))

Here is an example that creates a pale turquoise title:

title('Is this the best color?', color='#afeeee')