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Source code for mpl_toolkits.axisartist.axisline_style

from __future__ import (absolute_import, division, print_function,

import six

from matplotlib.patches import _Style, FancyArrowPatch
from matplotlib.transforms import IdentityTransform
from matplotlib.path import Path
import numpy as np

class _FancyAxislineStyle(object):
    class SimpleArrow(FancyArrowPatch):
        The artist class that will be returned for SimpleArrow style.
        _ARROW_STYLE = "->"

        def __init__(self, axis_artist, line_path, transform,
            self._axis_artist = axis_artist
            self._line_transform = transform
            self._line_path = line_path
            self._line_mutation_scale = line_mutation_scale


        def set_line_mutation_scale(self, scale):

        def _extend_path(self, path, mutation_size=10):
            Extend the path to make a room for drawing arrow.
            from matplotlib.bezier import get_cos_sin

            x0, y0 = path.vertices[-2]
            x1, y1 = path.vertices[-1]
            cost, sint = get_cos_sin(x0, y0, x1, y1)

            d = mutation_size * 1.
            x2, y2 = x1 + cost*d, y1+sint*d

            if is None:
                _path = Path(np.concatenate([path.vertices, [[x2, y2]]]))
                _path = Path(np.concatenate([path.vertices, [[x2, y2]]]),
                             np.concatenate([, [Path.LINETO]]))

            return _path

        def set_path(self, path):
            self._line_path = path

        def draw(self, renderer):
            Draw the axis line.
             1) transform the path to the display coordinate.
             2) extend the path to make a room for arrow
             3) update the path of the FancyArrowPatch.
             4) draw
            path_in_disp = self._line_transform.transform_path(self._line_path)
            mutation_size = self.get_mutation_scale() #line_mutation_scale()
            extented_path = self._extend_path(path_in_disp,

            self._path_original = extented_path
            FancyArrowPatch.draw(self, renderer)

    class FilledArrow(SimpleArrow):
        The artist class that will be returned for SimpleArrow style.
        _ARROW_STYLE = "-|>"

[docs]class AxislineStyle(_Style): """ :class:`AxislineStyle` is a container class which defines style classes for AxisArtists. An instance of any axisline style class is an callable object, whose call signature is :: __call__(self, axis_artist, path, transform) When called, this should return a mpl artist with following methods implemented. :: def set_path(self, path): # set the path for axisline. def set_line_mutation_scale(self, scale): # set the scale def draw(self, renderer): # draw """ _style_list = {} class _Base(object): # The derived classes are required to be able to be initialized # w/o arguments, i.e., all its argument (except self) must have # the default values. def __init__(self): """ initialization. """ super(AxislineStyle._Base, self).__init__() def __call__(self, axis_artist, transform): """ Given the AxisArtist instance, and transform for the path (set_path method), return the mpl artist for drawing the axis line. """ return self.new_line(axis_artist, transform)
[docs] class SimpleArrow(_Base): """ A simple arrow. """ ArrowAxisClass = _FancyAxislineStyle.SimpleArrow def __init__(self, size=1): """ *size* size of the arrow as a fraction of the ticklabel size. """ self.size = size super(AxislineStyle.SimpleArrow, self).__init__()
[docs] def new_line(self, axis_artist, transform): linepath = Path([(0,0), (0, 1)]) axisline = self.ArrowAxisClass(axis_artist, linepath, transform, line_mutation_scale=self.size) return axisline
_style_list["->"] = SimpleArrow
[docs] class FilledArrow(SimpleArrow): ArrowAxisClass = _FancyAxislineStyle.FilledArrow
_style_list["-|>"] = FilledArrow