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This module contains functions to handle markers. Used by both the marker functionality of plot and scatter.

All possible markers are defined here:

marker description
"." point
"," pixel
"o" circle
"v" triangle_down
"^" triangle_up
"<" triangle_left
">" triangle_right
"1" tri_down
"2" tri_up
"3" tri_left
"4" tri_right
"8" octagon
"s" square
"p" pentagon
"P" plus (filled)
"*" star
"h" hexagon1
"H" hexagon2
"+" plus
"x" x
"X" x (filled)
"D" diamond
"d" thin_diamond
"|" vline
"_" hline
TICKLEFT tickleft
TICKRIGHT tickright
TICKUP tickup
TICKDOWN tickdown
CARETLEFT caretleft (centered at tip)
CARETRIGHT caretright (centered at tip)
CARETUP caretup (centered at tip)
CARETDOWN caretdown (centered at tip)
CARETLEFTBASE caretleft (centered at base)
CARETRIGHTBASE caretright (centered at base)
CARETUPBASE caretup (centered at base)
"None", " " or "" nothing
'$...$' render the string using mathtext.
verts a list of (x, y) pairs used for Path vertices. The center of the marker is located at (0,0) and the size is normalized.
path a Path instance.
(numsides, style, angle)

The marker can also be a tuple (numsides, style, angle), which will create a custom, regular symbol.

the number of sides

the style of the regular symbol:

a regular polygon
a star-like symbol
an asterisk
a circle (numsides and angle is ignored)
the angle of rotation of the symbol

For backward compatibility, the form (verts, 0) is also accepted, but it is equivalent to just verts for giving a raw set of vertices that define the shape.

None is the default which means 'nothing', however this table is referred to from other docs for the valid inputs from marker inputs and in those cases None still means 'default'.


MarkerStyle([marker, fillstyle])