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mpl_toolkits.axes_grid1.inset_locator.mark_inset(parent_axes, inset_axes, loc1, loc2, **kwargs)[source]

Draw a box to mark the location of an area represented by an inset axes.

This function draws a box in parent_axes at the bounding box of inset_axes, and shows a connection with the inset axes by drawing lines at the corners, giving a "zoomed in" effect.

parent_axes : matplotlib.axes.Axes

Axes which contains the area of the inset axes.

inset_axes : matplotlib.axes.Axes

The inset axes.

loc1, loc2 : {1, 2, 3, 4}

Corners to use for connecting the inset axes and the area in the parent axes.


Patch properties for the lines and box drawn:

Property Description
agg_filter a filter function, which takes a (m, n, 3) float array and a dpi value, and returns a (m, n, 3) array
alpha float or None
animated bool
antialiased or aa bool or None
capstyle ['butt' | 'round' | 'projecting']
clip_box a Bbox instance
clip_on bool
clip_path [(Path, Transform) | Patch | None]
color matplotlib color spec
contains a callable function
edgecolor or ec mpl color spec, None, 'none', or 'auto'
facecolor or fc mpl color spec, or None for default, or 'none' for no color
figure a Figure instance
fill bool
gid an id string
hatch ['/' | '\' | '|' | '-' | '+' | 'x' | 'o' | 'O' | '.' | '*']
joinstyle ['miter' | 'round' | 'bevel']
label object
linestyle or ls ['solid' | 'dashed', 'dashdot', 'dotted' | (offset, on-off-dash-seq) | '-' | '--' | '-.' | ':' | 'None' | ' ' | '']
linewidth or lw float or None for default
path_effects AbstractPathEffect
picker [None | bool | float | callable]
rasterized bool or None
sketch_params (scale: float, length: float, randomness: float)
snap bool or None
transform Transform
url a url string
visible bool
zorder float
pp : matplotlib.patches.Patch

The patch drawn to represent the area of the inset axes.

p1, p2 : matplotlib.patches.Patch

The patches connecting two corners of the inset axes and its area.

Examples using mpl_toolkits.axes_grid1.inset_locator.mark_inset