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Version 2.2.3
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class matplotlib.animation.AVConvFileWriter(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: matplotlib.animation.AVConvBase, matplotlib.animation.FFMpegFileWriter

File-based avconv writer.

Frames are written to temporary files on disk and then stitched together at the end.

args_key = 'animation.avconv_args'
classmethod bin_path()

Returns the binary path to the commandline tool used by a specific subclass. This is a class method so that the tool can be looked for before making a particular MovieWriter subclass available.


Clean-up and collect the process used to write the movie file.

exec_key = 'animation.avconv_path'

Finish any processing for writing the movie.


Format (png, jpeg, etc.) to use for saving the frames, which can be decided by the individual subclasses.


A tuple (width, height) in pixels of a movie frame.


Grab the image information from the figure and save as a movie frame. All keyword arguments in savefig_kwargs are passed on to the savefig command that saves the figure.

classmethod isAvailable()

Check to see if a MovieWriter subclass is actually available by running the commandline tool.

saving(fig, outfile, dpi, *args, **kwargs)

Context manager to facilitate writing the movie file.

*args, **kw are any parameters that should be passed to setup.

setup(fig, outfile, dpi=None, frame_prefix='_tmp', clear_temp=True)

Perform setup for writing the movie file.

fig : matplotlib.figure.Figure

The figure to grab the rendered frames from.

outfile : str

The filename of the resulting movie file.

dpi : number, optional

The dpi of the output file. This, with the figure size, controls the size in pixels of the resulting movie file. Default is fig.dpi.

frame_prefix : str, optional

The filename prefix to use for temporary files. Defaults to '_tmp'.

clear_temp : bool, optional

If the temporary files should be deleted after stitching the final result. Setting this to False can be useful for debugging. Defaults to True.

supported_formats = ['png', 'jpeg', 'ppm', 'tiff', 'sgi', 'bmp', 'pbm', 'raw', 'rgba']