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Usetex Baseline TestΒΆ

import matplotlib
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import matplotlib.axes as maxes

from matplotlib import rcParams
rcParams['text.usetex'] = True
rcParams['text.latex.unicode'] = True

class Axes(maxes.Axes):
    A hackish way to simultaneously draw texts w/ usetex=True and
    usetex=False in the same figure. It does not work in the ps backend.

    def __init__(self, *kl, **kw):
        self.usetex = kw.pop("usetex", "False")
        self.preview = kw.pop("preview", "False")

        maxes.Axes.__init__(self, *kl, **kw)

    def draw(self, renderer):
        usetex = plt.rcParams["text.usetex"]
        preview = plt.rcParams["text.latex.preview"]
        plt.rcParams["text.usetex"] = self.usetex
        plt.rcParams["text.latex.preview"] = self.preview

        maxes.Axes.draw(self, renderer)

        plt.rcParams["text.usetex"] = usetex
        plt.rcParams["text.latex.preview"] = preview

subplot = maxes.subplot_class_factory(Axes)

def test_window_extent(ax, usetex, preview):

    va = "baseline"

    text_kw = dict(va=va,
                   bbox=dict(pad=0., ec="k", fc="none"))

    test_strings = ["lg", r"$\frac{1}{2}\pi$",
                    r"$p^{3^A}$", r"$p_{3_2}$"]

    ax.axvline(0, color="r")

    for i, s in enumerate(test_strings):

        ax.axhline(i, color="r")
        ax.text(0., 3 - i, s, **text_kw)

    ax.set_xlim(-0.1, 1.1)
    ax.set_ylim(-.8, 3.9)

    ax.set_title("usetex=%s\npreview=%s" % (str(usetex), str(preview)))

fig = plt.figure(figsize=(2 * 3, 6.5))

for i, usetex, preview in [[0, False, False],
                           [1, True, False],
                           [2, True, True]]:
    ax = subplot(fig, 1, 3, i + 1, usetex=usetex, preview=preview)

    test_window_extent(ax, usetex=usetex, preview=preview)


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