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Source code for matplotlib.backends.backend_qt5cairo

import six

from .backend_cairo import cairo, FigureCanvasCairo, RendererCairo
from .backend_qt5 import QtCore, QtGui, _BackendQT5, FigureCanvasQT
from .qt_compat import QT_API

[docs]class FigureCanvasQTCairo(FigureCanvasQT, FigureCanvasCairo): def __init__(self, figure): super(FigureCanvasQTCairo, self).__init__(figure=figure) self._renderer = RendererCairo(self.figure.dpi) self._renderer.set_width_height(-1, -1) # Invalid values.
[docs] def draw(self): if hasattr(self._renderer.gc, "ctx"): self.figure.draw(self._renderer) super(FigureCanvasQTCairo, self).draw()
[docs] def paintEvent(self, event): self._update_dpi() dpi_ratio = self._dpi_ratio width = dpi_ratio * self.width() height = dpi_ratio * self.height() if (width, height) != self._renderer.get_canvas_width_height(): surface = cairo.ImageSurface(cairo.FORMAT_ARGB32, width, height) self._renderer.set_ctx_from_surface(surface) self._renderer.set_width_height(width, height) self.figure.draw(self._renderer) buf = self._renderer.gc.ctx.get_target().get_data() qimage = QtGui.QImage(buf, width, height, QtGui.QImage.Format_ARGB32_Premultiplied) # Adjust the buf reference count to work around a memory leak bug in # QImage under PySide on Python 3. if QT_API == 'PySide' and six.PY3: import ctypes ctypes.c_long.from_address(id(buf)).value = 1 if hasattr(qimage, 'setDevicePixelRatio'): # Not available on Qt4 or some older Qt5. qimage.setDevicePixelRatio(dpi_ratio) painter = QtGui.QPainter(self) painter.drawImage(0, 0, qimage) self._draw_rect_callback(painter) painter.end()
@_BackendQT5.export class _BackendQT5Cairo(_BackendQT5): FigureCanvas = FigureCanvasQTCairo