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matplotlib.pyplot.axes(*args, **kwargs)

Add an axes to the figure.

The axes is added at position rect specified by:

  • axes() by itself creates a default full subplot(111) window axis.
  • axes(rect, facecolor='w') where rect = [left, bottom, width, height] in normalized (0, 1) units. facecolor is the background color for the axis, default white.
  • axes(h) where h is an axes instance makes h the current axis and the parent of h the current figure. An Axes instance is returned.
kwarg Accepts Description
facecolor color the axes background color
frameon [True|False] display the frame?
sharex otherax current axes shares xaxis attribute with otherax
sharey otherax current axes shares yaxis attribute with otherax
polar [True|False] use a polar axes?
aspect [str | num] [‘equal’, ‘auto’] or a number. If a number the ratio of y-unit/x-unit in screen-space. Also see set_aspect().


  • examples/pylab_examples/ places custom axes.
  • examples/pylab_examples/ uses sharex and sharey.