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artist Module

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Artist class

class matplotlib.artist.Artist

Abstract base class for someone who renders into a FigureCanvas.


Artist.add_callback Adds a callback function that will be called whenever one of the Artist’s properties changes.
Artist.format_cursor_data Return cursor data string formatted.
Artist.get_contains Return the _contains test used by the artist, or None for default.
Artist.get_cursor_data Get the cursor data for a given event.
Artist.get_picker Return the picker object used by this artist
Artist.hitlist List the children of the artist which contain the mouse event event.
Artist.pchanged Fire an event when property changed, calling all of the registered callbacks.
Artist.pick Process pick event
Artist.pickable Return True if Artist is pickable.
Artist.remove_callback Remove a callback based on its id.
Artist.set_contains Replace the contains test used by this artist.
Artist.set_picker Set the epsilon for picking used by this artist
Artist.contains Test whether the artist contains the mouse event.

Margins and Autoscaling

Artist.sticky_edges x and y sticky edge lists.


Artist.get_clip_box Return artist clipbox
Artist.get_clip_on Return whether artist uses clipping
Artist.get_clip_path Return artist clip path
Artist.set_clip_box Set the artist’s clip Bbox.
Artist.set_clip_on Set whether artist uses clipping.
Artist.set_clip_path Set the artist’s clip path, which may be:

Bulk Properties

Artist.update Update the properties of this Artist from the dictionary prop.
Artist.update_from Copy properties from other to self. return a dictionary mapping property name -> value for all Artist props
Artist.set A property batch setter.


Artist.draw Derived classes drawing method
Artist.get_animated Return the artist’s animated state
Artist.set_animated Set the artist’s animation state.
Artist.get_agg_filter return filter function to be used for agg filter
Artist.get_alpha Return the alpha value used for blending - not supported on all
Artist.get_snap Returns the snap setting which may be:
Artist.get_visible Return the artist’s visiblity
Artist.get_zorder Return the Artist’s zorder.
Artist.set_agg_filter set agg_filter function.
Artist.set_alpha Set the alpha value used for blending - not supported on all backends.
Artist.set_sketch_params Sets the sketch parameters.
Artist.set_snap Sets the snap setting which may be:
Artist.get_rasterized return True if the artist is to be rasterized
Artist.get_sketch_params Returns the sketch parameters for the artist.
Artist.set_path_effects set path_effects, which should be a list of instances of
Artist.set_rasterized Force rasterized (bitmap) drawing in vector backend output.
Artist.set_visible Set the artist’s visiblity.
Artist.set_zorder Set the zorder for the artist.
Artist.get_window_extent Get the axes bounding box in display space.
Artist.get_transformed_clip_path_and_affine Return the clip path with the non-affine part of its transformation applied, and the remaining affine part of its transformation.

Figure and Axes

Artist.remove Remove the artist from the figure if possible.
Artist.axes The Axes instance the artist resides in, or None.
Artist.set_figure Set the Figure instance the artist belongs to.
Artist.get_figure Return the Figure instance the artist belongs to.
Artist.is_figure_set Returns True if the artist is assigned to a Figure.


Artist.get_children Return a list of the child Artist`s this :class:`Artist contains.
Artist.findobj Find artist objects.


Artist.set_transform Set the Transform instance used by this artist.
Artist.get_transform Return the Transform instance used by this artist.
Artist.is_transform_set Returns True if Artist has a transform explicitly set.


Artist.convert_xunits For artists in an axes, if the xaxis has units support,
Artist.convert_yunits For artists in an axes, if the yaxis has units support,
Artist.have_units Return True if units are set on the x or y axes


Artist.get_gid Returns the group id
Artist.get_label Get the label used for this artist in the legend.
Artist.set_gid Sets the (group) id for the artist
Artist.set_label Set the label to s for auto legend.
Artist.get_url Returns the url
Artist.set_url Sets the url for the artist


Artist.stale If the artist is ‘stale’ and needs to be re-drawn for the output to match the internal state of the artist.


allow_rasterization Decorator for Artist.draw method.
get Return the value of object’s property.
getp Return the value of object’s property.
setp Set a property on an artist object.
ArtistInspector A helper class to inspect an Artist and return information about it’s settable properties and their current values.