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class matplotlib.patches.Polygon(xy, closed=True, **kwargs)

A general polygon patch.

xy is a numpy array with shape Nx2.

If closed is True, the polygon will be closed so the starting and ending points are the same.

Valid kwargs are:

Property Description
agg_filter unknown
alpha float or None
animated [True | False]
antialiased or aa [True | False] or None for default
capstyle [‘butt’ | ‘round’ | ‘projecting’]
clip_box a matplotlib.transforms.Bbox instance
clip_on [True | False]
clip_path [ (Path, Transform) | Patch | None ]
color matplotlib color spec
contains a callable function
edgecolor or ec mpl color spec, None, ‘none’, or ‘auto’
facecolor or fc mpl color spec, or None for default, or ‘none’ for no color
figure a matplotlib.figure.Figure instance
fill [True | False]
gid an id string
hatch [‘/’ | ‘' | ‘|’ | ‘-‘ | ‘+’ | ‘x’ | ‘o’ | ‘O’ | ‘.’ | ‘*’]
joinstyle [‘miter’ | ‘round’ | ‘bevel’]
label string or anything printable with ‘%s’ conversion.
linestyle or ls [‘solid’ | ‘dashed’, ‘dashdot’, ‘dotted’ | (offset, on-off-dash-seq) | '-' | '--' | '-.' | ':' | 'None' | ' ' | '']
linewidth or lw float or None for default
path_effects unknown
picker [None|float|boolean|callable]
rasterized [True | False | None]
sketch_params unknown
snap unknown
transform Transform instance
url a url string
visible [True | False]
zorder any number

See also

For additional kwargs

Returns if the polygon is closed


closed : bool

If the path is closed


Get the path of the polygon


path : Path

The Path object for the polygon


Get the vertices of the path


vertices : numpy array

The coordinates of the vertices as a Nx2 ndarray.


Set if the polygon is closed


closed : bool

True if the polygon is closed


Set the vertices of the polygon


xy : numpy array or iterable of pairs

The coordinates of the vertices as a Nx2 ndarray or iterable of pairs.


Set/get the vertices of the polygon. This property is provided for backward compatibility with matplotlib 0.91.x only. New code should use get_xy() and set_xy() instead.