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Change the ScalarFormatter used by default for linear axes.

Optional keyword arguments:

Keyword Description
style [ ‘sci’ (or ‘scientific’) | ‘plain’ ] plain turns off scientific notation
scilimits (m, n), pair of integers; if style is ‘sci’, scientific notation will be used for numbers outside the range 10`m`:sup: to 10`n`:sup:. Use (0,0) to include all numbers.
useOffset [True | False | offset]; if True, the offset will be calculated as needed; if False, no offset will be used; if a numeric offset is specified, it will be used.
axis [ ‘x’ | ‘y’ | ‘both’ ]
useLocale If True, format the number according to the current locale. This affects things such as the character used for the decimal separator. If False, use C-style (English) formatting. The default setting is controlled by the axes.formatter.use_locale rcparam.

Only the major ticks are affected. If the method is called when the ScalarFormatter is not the Formatter being used, an AttributeError will be raised.